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Thanks to our partner Reno Air Racing Association (RARA) and their wonderful staff who made all this possible and who coordinated with the angels at the Reno VAMC. We would like to properly acknowledge them.

This past year was exciting. We hosted 234 DAV's on Friday September 18 at Stead Field, site of the 2015 Reno Air Races. They were seated in reserved box seats, specially for them. All of them were from the Reno VAMC OutPatient Clinic: Spinal Cord Injury, CLC, Vision Impaired, Prosthetics & Womens Clinic.

In addition we hosted 34 WWII Honor Flight Patriots just returned from WDC Memorial, among them were several Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress crewmen! Some of the lady DAV's (some of which could not stand without crutches and were recovering from surgeries) were hoisted onto the wings of these hot-rods by the pilots and crews for some rare pix. Many of the race fans recognized who these brave ladies were and thanked them for putting their ass-on-the-line for our Nation ( lotsa hugs & tears from hard-core racers & fans.)

This year we displayed for the first time a 3' x 12' banner displaying many of our Military Orgs (DAV, NV; PVA, NV; Battle Born MCL, VAMC; Honor Flight,NV; plus many of the racers and their crews. The connection between our Patriots, the various Mil Orgs and the racers, many of which are Veterans, is a vital one. We shall produce another banner for next year featuring even more racers and their sponsors.

Our first hosting was in 2013 where we accommodated 89 DAV's. In 2014 we hosted 191.

Any DAV's from Elko wishing to attend these exciting races can apply to for special passes for this year's event. They include: reserved parking and shuttle rides to the field, reserved box seats, and special Pit Passes (designed by VITAL Board Member Thomas Hudson, past NV PVA Chair) denoting them as a DAV attendee.

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04042017_Reno9-17-18-15 (1021)

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